"'Berlin' isn't the sound of a band growing old gracefully or coasting along on their back catalogue. No, it's an angry record drawn in good part from their last studio record 'Travels in the Dustland' and drawing on other songs from their well that fit the mood of controlled anger. That's impressive for a band that's been around since 1988, you can feel the indignation from the opening of 'Rainmaker Blues' it's as muscular and as seething as they've ever sounded"
AmericanaUK - (8/10)

"Berlin is a wonderful instant classic, a cornerstone of modern American music."
Onda Rock, Italy - (9/10)

"From the first sound of opener "Rainmaker Blues" to the final cymbal crash of the twelve-minute masterpiece "Grand Theft Auto," the long wait was worth it."
Laut, Germany - (4/5)

"One reason to be cheerful is that the Walkabouts are still going after more than a quarter of a century. Another is that they can put out an album as good as [Travels In The Dustland] when they've worked so long together. For more than a decade, their music has taken on a more cinematic sweep, and that seems to find its apex in this journey through a mythical American Southwest. It's an epic ambition, and one that they pull of magnificently."

“Dark, haunting, and elegiac: The Walkabouts sprung forth from the storytelling traditions of American roots music and the kinetic excitement of rock & roll.”

Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide, US

"The Walkabouts are layered between folk, rock, country and desert blues music...after all these years, they still sound as warm and vital. Very reassuring."
Cobra, Belgium

"Travels in the Dustland conjures up a haunting, almost mythical American landscape of lost highways and endless skies... worthy of far wider attention."